Final Retirement of Rexeh Agentrds

There were hints, and the time has come. Though I’m not really famous or anything, here is a long list of goodbyes to people I remember I met. Retired and gone, or still around.

Here are some people I look up to.


I remember when you took me into Pretzels. You watched me rise through the ranks of Pretzels and through its generations. Thanks for everything. I don’t know what to say more.


In my opinion, you are a strong, mighty, confident, intelligent leader. People call you this, but if they got to know you, you are a cool guy. I tried everything to do good for Light Troops. I sadly wasn’t able to do everything. Thank you for everything. Good luck in Light Troops. Light Troops forever, may the Light Troop spirit stay forever in us.

Here are some of my best friends.


I remember meeting you in 2010/2011 in CPUN, and since then we have been great friends. You are a great GFX maker, no matter what other people say. *cough* Anyway, we shall continue keeping in contact on Skype. There is a shit load more to write, but i’m lazy like always.


Hello neighbor from across the ditch. I remember how much times we created armies that failed, had funny times on Xat, and the failed commentary. Lately our friendship went down. Our high sizes in AF can be better. We can together be a powerful force, but we haven’t had time. If CP Armies are still alive, and their shit is fixed, we should come here and pwn some armies again. Though teats unlikely, looking at the current status with armies. Keep skyping.


Behind ACP. That post made us become great friends for some reason. And how Rex Imperio hated you. I don’t know what happened. But yeah, you got me into CPAC, and we decided to do many failed projects. Continue with your web design, you are really good. 😉


The epic times we had. The Holo and Rex Era, or as we know it, The Best Generation Ever. We lead Pretzels to Top Ten tons of times. We had a advanced leader communication, planned in advance events, and many more advanced things that no one has done in armies (for what we know.) If we had more time, and things weren’t f**ked up by Pain, we could have made Pretzels a Major/World Power. We still had fun, and we enjoyed the era before it was over. Did help you regain leadership in Pretzels again lately. If your still around I’ll help once in a while.


Get that Gaming Rig quick. We need to go and play Battlefield 3 some time. I’ve helped you alot, and we had some good times. We need to see each other in real life, and start what we planned.


*cough* Yes I know. Nice to chat with you and so on, and I know I looked like a monkey every time I went on cam, but I will get on when I look better then the last times.


Loyal, Active, Supportive, what else? You’ve helped me alot, and we had some good times, and so on. I wonder how it was to survive horny hour on Pretzels Chat.

Just the few of the many friends. If you want a goodbye, you can comment below and I will reply.


I will only remain a name on old pages that people will find in the deep. To the many friend I had, I will be more. That’s all I have really wanted. Just fun fighting other people on a game. I thank everyone for being in my last 3 years of childhood, and I had alot of good times. Thank you all.

If I ever get bored during the school holidays, I may come here under a new alias.

If you want some way to contact me, I will be on xat once and a while. If you want other ways, ask below.


~Rex Agentrds

Signing off for the last time.

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Hai. I'm very good at Club Penguin.

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  1. MAH BABY.

    “He left a small sized Jewish man, now he’s a small sized Jewish man who’s just came from space.” ~Sheldon Cooper, Big bang theory.

  2. Thanks buddie! Nothing will ever be the same without you! The Rex and Holo era is gone, but our strong bonded friend ship isn’t! I wish you the best of luck in anything you do in your life, you are meant for greatness and you always will be one of my closest friends! Thanks for every thing Rex!


  4. Ray.aka.Chillie17


    Lol jk. Thanks Rex for lighting me up, and.. umm… you taught me what fapping actually was.. so thanks xD

    Farewell, young friend


  5. I’m hurt I didn’t get a mention.Haha it’s ok. Tbh I am not sure if you still check your wp but if you do I wanna find a way to contact you. Unfortunately whenever I come back someone close to me leaves. I really hope you see this.

  6. Meooowww

    Reading this again

  7. Baa. Nostalgia too.

  8. ★||»Vexillarius Sidie«||★

    Today on halloween I come to remember all the fun we have had over the years. We really need to talk to each other once more. 😉

    Adios M8.

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